Creative destruction is a term often used to describe the evolution of the retail business.  There is no more opportunistic industry and none more accustomed to change.  Retail continually reinvents itself, developing, adapting and refining new concepts rapidly in response to changes in tastes, consumer behavior and the economy as well as technological change in production and distribution.  E-commerce, social networking and small box category killers are just the latest game changers.

It is against this backdrop that CRE investors, shopping center owners, retailers and communities must plan and execute capital investments and make day-to-day operating decisions.  Fortunes are won and lost on these decisions.  Our Retail Advisory team offers clients the support they need to succeed in this dynamic environment through re-lytics®, an integrated four-part program of market research, tools, training and advocacy.

Our team has radically simplified the research and planning process, helping people quickly get the exact information they need in real time.  We have also developed a proprietary technology platform to serve this information together with assessment and visualization tools to help your team maintain perspective and communicate effectively in this rapidly changing tactical environment.  The key benefits of our program are:

  • Rapid assessments providing clear insights
  • Easy to use analytics and benchmarking tools providing clear context for every decision
  • Mapping and reporting tools to convey information in a vivid and intuitive way
  • A structured approach creating a clear and understandable process
  • A secure collaborative workspace allowing team members to communicate

Our programs can be deployed on an individual asset or across an entire portfolio.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop better insights into the reality of your world and then leverage those insights to improve the performance of your retail assets.